Teaching Compassion One Heartfelt Sprinkle at a Time

Teaching Compassion One Heartfelt Sprinkle at a Time

Teaching Compassion One Heartfelt Sprinkle at a TimeTeaching Compassion One Heartfelt Sprinkle at a TimeTeaching Compassion One Heartfelt Sprinkle at a Time

We do what we do like no one else does...

because we do it with one thing in mind.....spreading Good Fairy Dust.

You can use our same mindset to spread your own good fairy dust. Simply look for opportunities to help others. Whether is is adopting a shelter pet, donating to your favorite charity, donating or helping serve at food hunger programs, paying for the coffee for the person behind you, helping someone carry their groceries, collecting food for pet or animal shelters, buying ice cream for the neighborhood kids....there are so many ways to spread fairy dust.  Just do good in whatever you do, with good intention, and you can spread good fairy dust all over the world. 


Fairy Art and Fritz

The wonderful fairy art we have been blessed to use on this site, is by famed German artist Fritz Gerstandt and is copyrighted.  PLEASE do not use it for your own purposes.  His wonderful imagination and experience with the 'wee folk' has allowed him to create vibrant, joyful art around the world, and we are very grateful that he has given us (not you) legal permission to use it.  

Small Actions Have Huge Impact



Teach by example.  Spend time with your child.  Discuss ways your child can help another.  Teach them pride in their work, and pride in themselves.  Teach them that it's a big world, and they are connected to all of it, simply by being human. Tell them that you love them, and teach them to love others. Children are the future.  They have a tough job, but here at Good Fairy Dust, we know that with the right education, they can change the world.


Help An Animal

Nothing teaches a child compassion like helping an animal in need.  Teach them to keep a safe distance from animals they don't know, and to be kind to those that they do know.  Teach them to be gentle around animals, and to understand that being with an animal has rules . Take them to the shelter or a rescue to help with the animals when they are old enough. Compassion means showing kindness and respect to all living things


No One Should Be Hungry

There is no reason that any one, especially any child, should be hungry in these United States; and no child should suffer hunger no matter where they live.  Good food is the key to a healthy mind and body, and sharing food is a key to teaching compassion.  Teach your child to share, and when they are old enough, take them to programs to help feed another. And teach them not to waste food. Support programs that feed the hungry; especially our hungry children.